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Best Original Music - Group 4
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 1   >  End Date: 12/05/2008 03:15:00
Lori Los Angeles, California

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Singer, songwriter, composer, acoustical 12 string guitar player - keyboardist
Alternative Rock-Pop seems to fit as very few of my lyrics ever repeat, I guess you could say I break a few rules of the game. Having been adopted at only 8 days old and not ever having any support from the people who adopted me I found myself spending a lot of time alone so I had to form my own character and way of life. Ever since I was 5 years old all I ever did was sing and play my guitar. Not being allowed on the family organ I would sneak into empty rooms at the church just to play the piano and ended up forming my own style. My friends didn't recognize me without my guitar strapped to my back or sitting behind the piano so I ended up being asked to perform time and time again. Music has been my best friend as it has got me through some very tough and lonely times.

Song Description

Music Box
Romantic Victorian soft Pop-Rock Ballad

Having always dreamed of someday going to live in Maine, we arrived, and with our studio newly set up I was so wanting to kick all off with a song. One night while sleeping the peaceful inspiration came to me as the Down East culture and pace really touched me. I just sat down at my Keyboard and had Music Box musically written in just a few hours. A couple of days later every word came with great ease and perfectly fit the inspiration. The hardest part of the entire song was keeping it as real as possible, trying to make it sound like a music box and not a full blown overdubbed production. Bob just fell in love with it from the beginning and thus now the Music Box video.
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