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Best Original Music - Group 6
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 1   >  End Date: 12/13/2008 21:45:00
SLurbLown Rochester, New York

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A humorous trip into the mind of SlurbLown twisted w/ retro & modern avant-garde
The fifth track, “What Is Is� features a storyline amidst the distorted mechanical voice, techno beat, unexpected heavy metal interlude and ‘70s-style keyboards that bombard listeners. "It's just about an experience with an ex-girlfriend,� Sonar said circumspectly.

“It's difficult to describe it because it's a little bit of everybody - it's country, it's heavy metal, it's punk, it's rock, it's experimental,� producer/engineer Cash Mattock said of the SLurblown style. “It parallels early Ween mixed with an early Beck.�

SLurblown interlaces random sound bytes and occasional crushing guitar solos with techno beats that never repeat themselves exactly the same way, along with every instrument under the sun - even hip hop effects that can only be described as rodents scratching like rap deejays. Although the musical styles, guitar tones, sound effects and backup instruments change unpredictably, Slur succeeds in structuring this selective smorgasbord of sound into solid songs, sans sonic superfluity.

“It encompasses confusion,� guitarist Matty Sonar said of SLurblown's style. “I would like to sound extremely eclectic. Drastically eclectic.�

Sonar aims for a “soulful� edge, or “something that will have feeling under any form of sobriety.� His songs reflect not just a wide variety of styles but of emotions, which change from anger to joy to pain without notice. One minute SLurblown's tones inspire comedy and the next, foreboding.

“I've been influenced through the years by classic rock, hip hop, then heavy metal, all the way to r & b, jazz, classical, reggae, Latino and electronic music,� he said. “I think all of the music conforms to different styles. I just try to bring it all together.�

Perhaps the most amazing thing about SLurblown is not that one act can mix together every conceivable musical style at once, but that the band’s distinctive sound was conceived by one man. So was the unusual name, which “came to me when I was a kid� long before he realized that both words have special meanings in the music world. Sonar has also had the most predictable and dependable bandmates in the business: a mini-disc player for backing instruments, a keyboard, assorted guitar effects and a drum machine for a rhythm section.

“I want to get away from the idea of a one-man band,� he said. “My bandmates are just machines.�

The new CD is tentatively titled, "39 Minutes and 30 Seconds Closer,� for reasons that Sonar will leave up to his fans to interpret. "It's more of a reference to being 39 minutes and 30 seconds closer to something, I don't what; love or death or money or musical bliss, I'll let people decide for themselves.

Audience reactions to SLurblown shows are quite varied depending on the genres the regular crowds are used to, according to Sonar, who sometimes incorporates stunts like playing a keyboard and a guitar at the same time or passing out song lyrics for sing-alongs. At one gig he was kicked offstage after one song. On the other hand, he received one of his warmest welcomes at a lesbian bar somewhere out in the vast expanse of rural Texas.

“I've seen people just stand there and watch without talking. It really kind of freaks me out,� Sonar said with a laugh, but added that he appreciates that sort of tribute.

“Some people have been enlightened after they've heard it. Your plants will grow better.�
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