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Best Original Music - Group 6
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 2   >  End Date: 12/13/2008 21:45:00
SEA MONSTER Nesconset, New York

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This is the SEX GOD CHANT video by SEA MONSTER.
Over the last 20 years, Long island's SEA MONSTER has been somewhat of an institution in the New York area.

Everything from Ennio Morricone to surf can be heard in the guitars, while the rhythm section often undulates, then builds to a furious unraveling. Vocalist Arthur Stevenson chants, barks and sings in celebration of the working class, often using historic events as metaphors -- along with sly humor -- to get his points across.

Sea Monster's played hundreds of live shows, which are known for their Bacchanalian flair. Guest musicians, dancing girls, flying beer -- anything is possible, as long as it's FUN!

The SEX GOD CHANT video is very much representative of who SEA MONSTER is, on many levels. The lyrics evoke images of both spirit ritual and animal instinct. Garage rock guitars slap against a hypnotic backdrop. The drums are the beating of your own heart as it rises up through your throat and releases in a howl....

And yeah, SEX GOD CHANT might have been made to look like a Z-grade horror flick, but you've also noticed the nods to...uh...German Expressionism, correct? No? Watch it again, and pay attention to the eyes!

It's true the video was shot in an abandoned building at 5am using generator power. It's also true that THE FLINTSTONES characters, Fred and Barney, were named after Fred Wagner (guitar) and his brother, Barney (bass). Yes, the band once did a show at CBGB's waving a pig's head on a stick while performing the song LORD OF THE FLIES.

"Thou shalt not be bored, and thou shalt not be boring."

Words to live by.
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