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Best Original Music - Group 7
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 2   >  End Date: 12/17/2008 09:30:00
jeanine canaris (gina) Austin, Texas

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I believe in peace, and there are to many dying....
I'm just one voice, can you hear me?
Am I crying out to far below, for you to hear, or have you already chosen how you will die. Are you dead already? Have you forgotten how to live, or fight the GOOD fight. We teach our children not play with guns, then when they get older, they can shoot innocent people. We have gang members joining the war, just so they can shoot better. We have kids, going out to war, watching horrific events, and then going AWOL, and we lock them up....... We have wars in our own cities, towns, state, yet we look away, but yet we do nothing, our neighbor is getting beaten up on, and we turn away, a woman being battered, the homeless, un answered deaths, (to our own people) the medically needy, who get pushed out of a hospital, (who aren't ready to be) because they don't have, top of the line medical insurance, or they aren't Donald Trump, with a loaded bank account. What about those people If you shoot someone, it's murder, but we let our troops kill innocent people, and call it defending our country. What about the child who doesn't have a gun, and now they are dead????...... If you kill someone its murder, you go to jail, but aren't we hypocrites, cause its ok to go somewhere else and do it, cause its war..................... its ok then to shoot the family in the hut, it was war......I just don't agree........ I'm just one voice, can you hear me???


Rage and war,
Out the door.
If you ask me,
I want more.
Love and hate,
How do you rate?
You scream for peace,
Pain should cease.
You scream for power,
By the Hour.
Then you long to devour,
Our hearts, our souls, And then our minds.
Look deep inside, and you might find,
Deep devotion, Not commotion.
A heart that beats, Not defeats.......

Yesterday, only a dream, a memory, of time, that can never be replaced. Was it a good one? Where you to die today, and regret yesterday? Would you long to take that time back? For if we are so lucky to have today, then shouldn't we celebrate it, and live doing, what we wouldn't regret. What we wouldn't miss.....
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