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Best Original Music - Group 15
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 2   >  End Date: 01/16/2009 23:45:00
Sean Delaney Hudson, New York

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Open Your Eyes
A well known name in the Hudson, New York area rap scene, Sean Delaney is is a diverse, multi-talented musician. His objective is to introduce the world to his point of view through his music and lyrics which are engineered and originally created for the worlds listening pleasure:

Versatile, unique, and ambitious, Sean recognized his natural talent for wordplay at a very young age. As early as middle school he was writing rhymes and freestyling in the cafeteria. Since then, Sean has mastered the art of self expression and his life revolves around crafting his skill and getting exposure and recognition for his gift.
Open Your Eyes
Sean Delaney
With These Rhymes I can give sight to the blind
It's time to take flight with me while I speak with my mind
About another side of life people tend to ignore
I guarentee, this will open up their eyes for sure
Sometimes children are born with disabilities
Torn from the families and this was killing me
Thats why I willingly lended my hand out to help the less fortunate
I wouldn't want to be myself
If I was lost in my head on this giant planet
Are you with me are you starting to understand it?
These young kids become grown men and women
It's my job to upgrade their quality of living
All they really needs a friend
Someone to guide them
We Came along way from the times they used to hide them
In institutions that failed to provide them
Their rights in the constitution and thats why I'm beside them
Open your Eyes
It's time to see the big picture
These are peoples brothers and sisters
I couldn't resist the opportunity to show my love
To all the ones who sometime catch a shoulder shrug
Open your minds
Open your hearts
This is the anthem for staff members who cared from the start
And played the part in another individual's life
You wouldn't know unless you seen it with your own two eyes

The word autistic is so close to artistic
If you don't see them characteristics you missed it
See they don't care about materialistics
Which makes their hearts goldmines
Trapped in their own minds
And I found this to be exquisite
Saw the add for Special Needs and payed them a visit
Were all gods children
No one should be a victim
Shunned by society's ways and played by the system
Luckily everything changed
Instead of being locked down in chains now their using their brains
Taught everyday tasks that will progress their future
Whether it's tying their shoes or using a computer
Cause there's many different levels of sickness
You can show them the real world or you can show them some pictures
But like I said before anything is better than nothing
My plan is to take a stand and teach them something

Repeat Chorus
Imagine you can't speak and you want to eat something sweet
You want a different pair of shoes on your feet
Maybe you like an extra blanket when you sleep
This is the way that many live seven days a week
Cars, clothes, money, jewelery is obsolete
Sounds peaceful right ? A life without Robin Leach
But it aint all peaches and cream you follow me
Get through the day but who knows what tomorrow brings
You gotta come up with a way to tell them you need that
Rocking back and forth until you get some feedback
But many are too ignorant to see that
Others need help when life hits harder than a speedbag
Mom and Dad left them in our care
If you were Mom and Dad tell me that you wouldn't be scared
To leave your child with a stranger
Now Mom and Dad can rest they head at night because they know there's no danger

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