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Best Original Music - Group 15
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Auditions   >  Round: Semi-Final   >  Match: Match 2   >  End Date: 01/16/2009 23:45:00
Charli Madison Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Rock Wit Me
Charli Madison Bio
“I wake up every day with a new melody in my heart; music is my purpose in life. For me it has never been a choice, it chose me and I am proud to be a vessel”

A little girl who loved to sing
Born Veeraniqica Ronee Green in Brooklyn, New York, but also spent a considerable amount of her life in Winston Salem, North Carolina. A little girl who loved to sing dreamed of a day when she would share her love of music with the world. Charli has been reared in music since age 9, late father, singer/musician Ronald Green sang and played with several bands through out her childhood giving her a solid foundation. However, it wasn’t until attending her first show by brother singer Myke Green where she realized her true passion in life and was put on a path to her true destiny. This influence can be seen and heard in her voice every time she picks up the mic. "Every time I sing, I aim to share a new perspective. It’s more than just standing on a stage singing a song this is me sharing my heart in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.”

Charli was destined for the stage.
At age, 11 it was evident that Charli was destine for the stage. Charli found her start singing in church at Blessed Hope C.O.G.I.C. where she for the first time stepped out in front of the congregation and sang a solo. “I remember shaking I was so nervous. I closed my eyes let go and in that moment I realize my true love.” Charli went on to attend Talented Unlimited H.S. where she studied classical music; training included several languages. Charli has also studied Modern, Ballet and Hip Hop style dance for 6 years. In 1993, she began singing and recording with a few friends from school performing at various clubs around New York, since then has displayed her talents on stages across the country. Her impressive voice has earned her honorable invitations to perform for former President Bill Clinton and Israel’s Anthem for the US Israel Ambassador, In addition to performing at Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theater, BB Kings Blues Club (Opening for Public Enemy) and Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar just to name a few.

A new era of music
Charli Madison is on her way to becoming a renaissance woman of our time. In an era of music with extraordinary vocalist, writers and producers her talents and tenacity has allowed her to become a rising shining star in every path she has endeavored to take. Charli is a writer, musician, producer, and engineer. In combination with a voice that is luring and an appeal that is irresistible as the next generation of artist in the music industry that separates her from the norm. She has had the distinct pleasure to work with vocal coach Troy Randall of Mood Productions, Da Beatminerz, Sheldon Goode, Mister B, DR Period, Royce Da 5'9', and a host of others. “My goal is to create music that the whole world can enjoy all generations without boundaries of race and class, just one love of music.” Keep your ears, eyes, and hearts open for the dawn of a new era in music, compliments of Miss Charli Madison.

Rock Wit Me
Performed, Recorded, Written & Arranged by Veeraniqica R. Green pka Charli Madison

We can get it crunkin
I'll really show you something
Know you want me boy you need to stop frontin
Boy you know you really wanna rock wit me
I see them chicks you checkin
Better use protection
I'm the number one selection
Boy you know you really wanna rock wit me
Verse 1:
Them girls are all used and abused and all they want is your money
I got my own bank accounts and I drop my top down when it’s sunny
Boy know if you wanna step you must come correct holla at me
Lil’ mama stay up she stay fly she breaths easy
Boy I know you like the way I wind it up slowly
You’re peepin how them doe boys checkin for me
They be like Charli don’t hurt no body
Once you get a taste you’ll see
Why you need to be with me
Boy this is your chance to show me what you’re working with
Baby put it on me
Verse 2:
Not gon’ front I'm feelin ya boy I like ya swagger boo its crazy
But i'm not your average chick takes more then slick talk to amazing me
No gaming just sayin I dig your flow
No trickin no pimpin just sippin and gettin our party on
See I got a sick appetite for the dance floor
you and me need to be gettin right fro sho’
You’ll be like Charli can you do it one more
Once you get a taste you’ll see why you need to be wit me
Boy this is your chance to show me what you working wit
Baby cause i'm a put it on you

Baby what the deal let me put you on to some thing real
Boy you know how I feel
Your eyes can’t hid what you feel inside
Baby let me know all you gotta do is let it show
(Chorus) repeat 2x’s

© Copyright @ December, 2005 by Ronald’s Baby Girl’s Music, ASCAP
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