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Best Original Music - Final
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Hollywood Phase   >  Round: Preliminary   >  Match: Match 2   >  End Date: 02/15/2009 13:00:00
Lorelei Carlson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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“Think of You"

Fans say that Lorelei Carlson combines the exotic beauty of Shakira, with the powerful voice of Christina Aguilera and the profound lyrical ability of Fiona Apple. Lorelei has entranced audiences around the world with her poignant compositions, performing various styles from pop to rock to soul, displaying her astonishing vocal range, while avoiding fluff in favor of songs preserving both meaning and catchy melodies.

Lorelei grew up in seven countries, including the United States. She started singing as a toddler, learned the piano at age seven, and began composing her own music by age eleven. At thirteen, she performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. Lorelei is bilingual and can speak and sing fluently in both English and Spanish.

Lorelei's 2007 demo was produced by Grammy award-winner Phil Nicolo. Her most recent single, "Alone" (co-produced & written by Lorelei) is an empowering break-up song, with stomping percussion and a hypnotic "sing-along" hook.

The popular music website wrote: "Nineteen-year-old singing phenom, songwriter and pianist Lorelei Carlson of Washington, D.C. is on the verge of taking the music world by storm." Her MySpace page is solid evidence that Lorelei can keep fans coming back for more with 900,000+ spins and a regular spot on top of the Unsigned Artist Charts in the major cities of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, Lorelei's previous residence.

When I wake up I first think of you
I can't help myself
Even when I'm asleep
you are in my dreams
incase you couldn't tell
I'm a little obsessed
with the thought of you
being by my side
It seems wherever I go
or whatever I do
I think of you all the time

Your eyes shine
like New York city at night
and I love to look into them cause
they make me feel alright

Take my hand
and never let it go
You take away
all of my sorrows
I'll never think of anybody
as highly as I think of you
I'll never think of anybody
quite the way I think of you

There isn't a day
when you don't cross my mind
you tie me up in knots
Your beautiful face
always seems to erase
all my other thoughts
I've never met anybody quite as stunning
as you honey
It seems wherever I go
or whatever I do
I think of you constantly

I'm sorry but
you're part of my daily brain activity
and if I could stop it, I still wouldn't
cause you're all that I need


And oh How I miss you
when you're not infront of my eyes
I wanna be with you till the end of time

(chorus x2)

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