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Best Original Music - Final
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Category: Music Video  >  Sub Category: FUSE Hollywood Phase   >  Round: Preliminary   >  Match: Match 5   >  End Date: 02/15/2009 13:00:00
Midnight Reign Los Angeles, California

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Satan Listening to Appetite for Destruction on Acid
"Sexy? Yeah Baby! Drugs? Plenty! Rock and Roll? You Bet Your Ass! Midnight Reign take a dark rock base pour on the sleaze and solos until you can't tell where the Goth ends and the Glam Begins!" Metal Maniacs-Magazine

"Joseph Michael is a Serious Guitarist. This band deserves a broader fanbase. Recomended." --MetalEdge

"Fascinating." --All Access Magazine

"Hypnotizing mix of heavy guitar, classical influences,and L.S.D influenced melody...
one of the most original and entertaining
cd's of the year!"
-- Somber Magazine

Album Synopsis:
Never Look Back

All the songs were written on acid, among other things, and the song The Mourning After… was written after taking a Snapple bottle full of liquid l.s.d, and being awake for six straight days. The album to be titled “Never Look Back” is really just a dream sequence about a musician on acid, who tries to commit suicide while tripping by filling a bathtub, and slitting his wrists. Consequently he passes out from exhaustion in the water, and awakes still high thinking he is a ghost…

He then walks around thinking he is invincible, and fulfills every depraved, desire he could never get away with while alive… Slowly as the drugs wear off, he becomes vulnerable and human again, and realizes that he is alive after all. The worst is behind him… For now.

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