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Music Video : September 2013
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Anilyst Fresno, California

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Stay The Best (Music VIdeo)

Born on the 24th of January, 1988, Hip Hop artist Anilyst has always felt the need to show the world his undeniable talent with music and wordplay. Growing up in Fresno, California, a predominately urban city famous for its incredibly high crime rate, Anilyst had always been a fan of Hip Hop music, but never realized he had a hidden talent for it. At the age of 14, Anilyst first discovered his gift for rapping. ”I remember I was barely a freshman in High School at the time, and battle rap was getting real big around campus” says Anilyst, “I knew I could rhyme because I had written quite a bit of poetry prior to anything, so I thought I’d give it a try, and once I did, I became hooked!” A year later, at the age of 15, Anilyst had become an undefeated battle emcee around his school. “I went from being that overshadowed quite kid in the corner of the classroom to this well known kid that was looked highly upon as a serious emcee…it was a pretty rapid change for me in a short span of time.”

Of course, with every big change comes complications, and trouble began following Anilyst on a daily basis at school. By the start of his junior year, Anilyst had been forced to enroll into a home studies program by the school district in order to distance him from all of the trouble. At the time, Anilyst looked at home schooling as a down point in his young life, but realistically, it was a major blessing in disguise. “It not only matured me, but gave me two years of a lot of free time that I was able to invest in my music and develop my skill with, I literally studied how to write lyrics and RAP in those years. If it wasn’t for all that free time that the home schooling program had given me, I definitely would not have been the artist that I am today.”

Retiring from the battle rap world at a young age, Anilyst started focusing his efforts into something he felt had a bigger picture, making music. He developed his unique and original style, a sound that is known today by many as “pure genius.” Writing on a daily basis and collaborating with various music producers around the globe, Anilyst further developed his gift for making great music and evolved as an artist. His poetic and intense multi-rhymed lyrics are known to catch a listeners ears by the first listen. Now, 23 years old, Anilyst is ready to hit the scene hard. His long awaited self titled EP has been anticipated by many throughout the years and is said to be a guaranteed classic. “Now that I’m 100% confident with my music and overall talent, I feel ready to hit the scene and never look back…if you’re not used to seeing me or hearing about me, then I advise you to get used to it, because it’s only a matter of time ’til you see me in every corner your eye can cover…believe me.”
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