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November 2015 Winners
October 2015 Winners
Congrats to the October 2015 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: Once Upon A Time In My Mind Project “The Crypt”

This ‘progressive acid pop’ duo from Montreal, Canada take music videos seriously, as the combination of music and illustration is at the core of their artistic process. Musically and visually, their aesthetic combines elements of hard rock with an orchestral and film soundtrack appeal. Check out these first time Make A Star winners and their animated music video for “The Crypt”.

Best Song: Fhiyahshua “I Love You”

Jamaican artist Fhiyahshua has been recording and performing reggae music since he was a child in the 1970s. Inspired by reggae greats like Bob Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Burning Spear, and Buju Banton, he has recorded songs in many of the same Kingston studios used by his heroes. He wins his second Best Song contest in the last three months with “I Love You”.

Rap Battle Playoff: Malicain “Glad She’s Gone”

Big Spring, Texas is the home of Malicain. Giving us some country-influenced hip-hop that recalls Kid Rock, he wins his first rap battle title.

Sing in 30 Seconds Playoff: Kerri Powles sings Bonnie Raitt

From the town of Brecon in Wales, UK, Kerri Powles is mainly a pianist and instrumental composer, but she shows off her vocals talents singing this bit from Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” to claim her first Make A Star cash prize win.

Female Solo Artist: Galiya “Simplicity”

Gwendolyne Krasnicki was raised a musician, learning the piano by ear at age 4 and admitted to Vanier College for violin performance as a 17 year old. In 2014 she obtained her Bachelor's of Music from the University of Montréal. She first began composing and recording lullabies using an old microphone and a simple recording program which eventually turned into creating electronic/techno/trance music. Her lounge/pop style emerged in 2011 after being introduced to instrumental jazz and the theory behind it. Galiya is is just one of her many current musical projects, which include classical performances with many Montreal orchestras. We like her ability to craft great pop songs too, with “Simplicity” her first Make A Star win.

Duo or Band: Sakgra “Efiges”

Athens, Greece is the home of producer and DJ Sak-gra. Together with vocalists Paresa and Marina, Sakgra the band concocts electronic dance rhythms full of breezy Mediterranean atmosphere. Active since the 90s and a 2012 Eurovision contestant, they win their second Make A Star title with “Efiges”.

Instrumental: Larry R Campbell “New Beginning”

Arkansas native Larry R Campbell is a guitarist /songwriter with a passion for instrumental music. A believer that “an instrumental song can accurately tell a visual story”, he blends rock and jazz together into an intelligent, laid-back guitar sound. Also a seasoned guitar instructor, he’s passed his skills on to a host of students from the early 80s to the present day. Active on Make A Star since 2010, “New Beginning” is his fourth Make A Star Instrumental song win.

Rap Battle: V3 “TBT – Truth B Told”

A trap music artist from West Virginia, V3 aka Vill B Chillen wins this month’s Rap Battle.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Aggi sings Eli Young Band

Aggi is from Jakarta, Indonesia and he wins his first a cappella title singing this 30 second piece of Eli Young Band’s “Say Goodnight”.
September 2015 Winners
Congrats to the September 2015 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: John Diamond “Love Has No Distance”

John Diamond is a singer, producer, and sound engineer from Bucharest, Romania. In addition to his own music, he’s been a part of many recent pop, dance, hip-hop and r&b recordings from fellow Romanian artists. “Love Has No Distance” blends pop vocals with hip-hop and reggae rhythms into a tightly produced package that wins him his first Make A Star title.

Best Song: Peter Holmqvist with JoPil “Me & My Blues”

Swedish guitarist Peter Holmqvist teams up with Polish singer-songwriter JoPil for this excellent traditional blues number that wins them the Best Song $100 cash prize. Joanna Pilarska is an accomplished guitarist with a voice known for romantic ballads with a hard edge that can deal with the toughest blues and rock music.

Female Solo Artist: Banderuola “I’m So Confused”

British singer Banderuola scores her second Female Solo Artist win with this retro-cool pop ballad.

Male Solo Artist: Lucian “The Kill”

Lucian Viziru's songs traverse the diverse fields of alternative rock, pop, jazz and electronic dance music. “The Kill” is a gritty rocker with dramatic lyrics that at times call to mind baritone storytellers like Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Instrumental: Makes69 “3 Devils (Paganini, Devil, Vai)”

Helsinki, Finland is the home of metal guitarist Marko “Makes69” Sallinen. The best Instrumental song of the month is an electric guitar shredder that brings to life his dream involving classical composer Paganini, guitarist Steve Vai, space aliens and the devil. It sounds like a recipe for a science fiction rock opera.

Rap Battle: Thee Irony “Don’t Tell’em (Jenna)”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida rapper Thee Irony is a recording artist, lyricist and actor who takes his first Rap Battle monthly title for this high energy performance. Check back later this month when he competes against other recent Rap Battle winners in the playoff with the $100 cash prize on the line!

Sing in 30 Seconds: AnnY

Young singer from Riga, Latvia AnnY takes her first Sing in 30 Seconds monthly title with this fantastic, operatic performance of the classic standard “Moon River”. Check back later this month when she faces the other recent monthly winners in the Sing in 30 Seconds playoff with the $100 cash prize up for grabs!
August 2015 Winners
Congrats to the August 2015 Make A Star winners.

Best Song: Fhiyahshua “One Day”

Jamaican artist Fhiyahshua has been recording and performing reggae music since he was a child in the 1970s. Inspired by reggae greats like Bob Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Burning Spear, and Buju Banton, he has recorded songs in many of the same Kingston studios used by his heroes. He wins this month’s Best Song contest with his first Make A Star entry.

Music Video: Bluerays “Say”

From Bangalore, India, Bluerays aka Keerthi Srinivasan aka Keith Jackson is a pop star equal parts Bollywood and Michael Jackson. Delivering songs with bright pop hooks and modern dance rhythms, fills his music videos with dance, drama and fun. This is his sixth Make A Star music video win dating back to 2012.

Female Solo Artist: Banderuola “How Can I Mend My Broken Heart”

British singer Banderuola scores her first Make A Star win with this retro-cool pop ballad.

Duo or Band: BAMIL “I Hear A Voice”

Bamil Gutierrez is the Puerto Rican force behind this month’s Duo or Band winner. A singer, producer, arranger and engineer, he finds time to pen songs for other artists when not working on his own band’s music or authoring his book “Pasajes Del Alma”.

Instrumental: Crogman Studios “Monks Sorrow”

Crogman Studios is the brainchild of veteran electronic composer Craig A. Hadley. Based in upstate New York, he has been making dark ambient music with his virtual studio since 1990. With sonic influences like Pink Floyd, Enya and Enigma, his dark ambience creates “moods to move your inner personality”.

Rap Battle: Nolan Fred “Arcano”

Boston rapper Nolan Fred wins his first Rap Battle monthly title with his webcam performance. He earns a spot in the next Rap Battle Playoff.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Suraiya

Las Vegas singer Suraiya wins her second cappella singing contest this year with another Mariah Carey classic, hitting the notes to “Fantasy” that earns her a spot in the next Sing in 30 Seconds Playoff.
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