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February 2015 Winners
Congrats to the February 2015 Make A Star winners.

$100 cash prizes awarded to Bluerays for the Music Video title and Peter Holmqvist for the Best Song title. This month's contests launch Tuesday, March 3rd at Noon Pacific time!

Music Video: Bluerays “Testify”

Best Song: Peter Holmqvist “Howdy Mr Boogie”

Male Solo Artist: Clement Albert “Richmond”

Female Solo Artist: Lynda Law “Somebody”

Duo or Band: Bluerays “Dream Girl”

Rap Battle: Zilla Mayne

Sing in 30 Seconds: Suraiya
January 2015 Winners
Congrats to the January 2015 Make A Star winners! $100 cash prizes awarded to the Music Video, Best Song, and our quarterly Playoff for Sing in 30 Seconds, Rap Battle and Stand Up Comic contests

Music Video: Maxi Pachecoy “Sin Vacilar”

Maxi Pachecoy is a solo musician and songwriter from Argentina. His music is a mix of folk, rock and pop with a traditional Argentine flair. His first recording “Wherever the River” came out in 2010 and since then he has released several new albums and toured both South and North America extensively. This music video for “Sin Vacilar” is his first Make A Star win.

Best Song: Dolly Rappaport Band “Here to There”

Accomplished classical pianist, jazz saxophonist and singer Dolly Rappaport brings her exceptional musical talents to the pop music world with her band. Dolly’s musical journey began in childhood and took her through the University of Illinois’ music department, where she met her musical partner and future husband Mitch. Now based in northern California, Dolly is crafting jazz-infused pop and soul songs that hit all the right notes. A Make A Star winner back in 2009, and Best Song finalist in October 2014, she claims her first Best Song win this month!

Rap Battle Playoff: TaEager

India’s TaEager formed a hip-hop and EDM influenced group with friends from his university engineering classes. Previous winners in the Music Video and Best Song contests, he goes solo with this rap battle performance and wins the quarterly playoff!

Sing in 30 Seconds Playoff: Yasmin

Yasmin is a singer from Aachen, Germany. She wins her first Make A Star title with this version of Passenger’s hit song ‘Holes’.

Stand Up Comic Playoff: Wes Corwin

Wes Corwin is from Austin, Texas. This winning performance comes from the “Funniest Person in Austin” stand-up comedy competition. Wes is also the co-host of “Feature Complete Alpha Podcast” with Paul Harrison.

Male Solo Artist: Rene Saucier “Journey Through Time”

Rene Saucier believes that if music is in your blood, it is there forever. Raised with the music of The Beatles and the classic rock bands of the era, he cites country, blues, reggae, and Christian music as his loves. A guitarist and singer for several bands through the years, Rene now writes and records his own music from a home studio in New Hampshire.

Female Solo Artist: Kier “I’m With You”

Kierstyn was born in Toronto, Ontario. Kier currently is a part of a new outreach reality TV series called Love is Moving. She has been singing since she was little but began writing in 2010 and has over 60 completed songs. Kier began pursuing her music in July 2013 and has just finished her first EP which will be released soon. This is her first Make A Star win.

Instrumental: Gylepomp “Biking with my friend”

Gylepomp is a ‘onemanjamband’ who plays guitar, bass and keyboards on instrumental recordings that venture wildly through the musical realms of rock to jazz. The talented German musician has won many instrumental Make A Star titles over the years but this is his first Music Video win for the hard rocking guitar riffs of “Burnout”.

Rap Battle: Krishna R

Krishna R is from Lawrenceville, Georgia and wins the Rap Battle for the month. A former playoff winner in April 2014, she now awaits her next challengers for the next playoff round in a couple months to compete for the cash prize.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Sydney Shalhoob

From Santa Barbara, California, Sydney Shalhoob wins her first Make A Star title with this a cappella version of Ariana Grande’s “Honeymoon Avenue”.
December 2014 Winners
Congrats to the December 2014 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: Isaac Indiana “Everything’s Fine”

Isaac Indiana are a young and passionate indie pop / rock band from Exeter, England. The five piece group have built their name and fanbase by playing live gigs throughout south west England, leading to three albums, including their latest EP “Memoirs of a Memory Boy”. Their winning music video “Everything’s Fine” hails from their debut release “Speak Up”. This is the band’s first Make A Star win.

Best Song: Aubrey Andrus “I Think Not”

Aubrey Andrus is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She also sings as half of the pop/folk duo Aubrey and Jonathan. "I don't know what I would do without music. Nothing can make me feel the way music does. I'd be incomplete without it. I always wanted to play and making it a career would be a dream come true." Aubrey quotes diverse influences, being raised on radio pop music like Katy Perry and John Mayer and later gravitating toward LGBT musicians like Missy Higgins and Tegan and Sara.

Male Solo Artist: Shedd “As We Dream”

Shedd is a rock guitarist, singer and songwriter from New Hampshire who describes his songs as “powerfully crafted with a modern pop / rock edge” and full of “infectious melodies and catchy choruses”. “As We Dream” gives Shedd back-to-back wins in the Male Solo category, following December’s win for “Don’t Walk Away”.

Duo or Band: Post Blue “Hotel Room”

From Jakarta, Indonesia, Post Blue are an alternative rock band with a sound and style deeply influenced by British rock acts such as Placebo, Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse and Manic Street Preachers. “Hotel Room” has the guitar hooks and anthemic melodies fit for a hit.

Instrumental: Peter Holmqvist “Cicada Dance”

Peter Holmqvist is a Swedish guitarist and composer raised on the blues-influenced rock of The Rolling Stones and Neil Young. Playing guitar with a high level of technique is not easy, and Peter overcame years of pain in his hands and arms with persistence to master the intricacies of blues guitar. While still holding down a day job Peter has played live with several bands and composed his own songs on both acoustic and electric guitar.

Rap Battle: Body B. Snatcha “16 Bar Challenge”

Body B. Snatcha is from Dallas, Texas. This is his first Rap Battle win.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Lecura

Lecura is from Perth, Australia. She sings a piece from “You Ruin Me” by fellow Aussie duo The Veronicas for her first Sing in 30 Seconds win.

Stand Up Comic: Wes Corwin

Wes Corwin is from Austin, Texas. This winning performance comes from the “Funniest Person in Austin” stand-up comedy competition. Wes is also the co-host of “Feature Complete Alpha Podcast” with Paul Harrison.
November 2014 Winners
Congrats to the November 2014 Make A Star winners.

Music Video: Curtis Beckman “Great American Farmer”

Curtis Beckman is a songwriter born Grove City, Pennsylvania who plays live with his band all over the areas of north east Ohio and north west Pennsylvania. He grew up with the country life, an avid hunter, fisher and camper. While his first musical love was rock and roll, with time he has come back to his country roots, and that mix of rock and country is on fine display on his winning music video, a fun and proud tribute to the “Great American Farmer”.

Best Song: Harish Budhwani and Suyash Nahta “Janeman (Delilah)”

From the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan in northern India, Harish and Suyash are a talented singer songwriter duo, weaving acoustic guitar hooks with Indian harmonies. While they prefer to keep their biographies behind some mystery, we can also watch the video for their excellent winning song on their YouTube channel.

Male Solo Artist: Shedd “Don’t Walk Away”

Shedd is a rock guitarist, singer and songwriter from New Hampshire who describes his songs as “powerfully crafted with a modern pop / rock edge” and full of “infectious melodies and catchy choruses”. His first time on Make A Star, “Don’t Walk Away” lives up to his billing and we hope to hear more from this potential hit maker soon.

Female Solo Artist: Kerri Powles “In The Arms of an Angel”

From the small town of Brecon in Wales, UK, Kerri Powles presents us with this very lovely song. The 52 year old housewife and mother has been composing classical music on her own for many years and dreams of composing for films and television. We hope her first Make A Star win will help get her finely crafted, heartfelt music heard around the world.

Instrumental: LiL LuLu “The Rush”

Montreal, Canada composer and singer LiL LuLu has been a perennial presence on Make A Star over the years. A prolific music creator, her instrumental songs blend world beat rhythms with electronic production and traditional instrumentation. Her latest winning tune is from her first upcoming album of strictly acoustic music.

Rap Battle: Don Lewiiis

A 16 year old hip hop artist from Austin, Texas, Don Lewiiis (emphasis on the triple I) wins his first rap battle contest.

Sing in 30 Seconds: Pamela Pau

From Brooklyn, New York, Pamela Pau wins her first a cappella contest with this rendition of Etta James.
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